W32time not updating dating for par Syddjurs

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Hello Team, I need a set of eyes to see why my Windows 7 clients clock is not working. I set my PDC server to sync with external time source. and do the /query /status successfully update to the PDC server. DLL (Local) Enabled: 1 (Local) Input Provider: 1 (Local) Cross Site Sync Flags: 1 (Policy) Allow Nonstandard Mode Combinations: 1 (Local) Resolve Peer Backoff Minutes: 15 (Policy) Resolve Peer Backoff Max Times: 7 (Policy) Compatibility Flags: 2147483648 (Local) Event Log Flags: 0 (Policy) Large Sample Skew: 3 (Local) Special Poll Interval: 3600 (Policy) Type: NT5DS (Policy) VMICTime Provider (Local) Dll Name: C:\windows\System32\(Local) Enabled: 1 (Local) Input Provider: 1 (Local) Ntp Server (Local) Dll Name: C:\windows\system32\w32time.It's working fine, and other member DCs also sync to this PDC server just the way it suppose to be. DLL (Local) Enabled: 0 (Local) Input Provider: 0 (Local) *************************** has anyone experience a simular issue?So the Windows Time service has to be started for this to work. Under Actions, you would have to choose Start a program .

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The commands below can help with troubleshooting To list out peers echo off echo Sync computer time from internet echo.

echo w32tm /resync /rediscover w32tm /resync /rediscover echo.

echo Restore registry w32time\Config reg import exported_w32You cannot ignore the mentioned error message "The computer did not resync because the required time change was too big." without changing the data in the Max Neg Phase Correction and Max Pos Phase Correction values.

the problem is on the windows 7 clients that I'm testing.

********************************************* Here is the result on the client C:\....w32tm /query /status Leap Indicator: 0(no warning) Stratum: 5 (secondary reference - syncd by (S)NTP) Precision: -6 (15.625ms per tick) Root Delay: 0.0312500s Root Dispersion: 16.0100000s Reference Id: 0x AC1E030C (source IP: Last Successful Sync Time: 9/9/2013 PM Source: Internal NPT.mydomain.local Poll Interval: 10 (1024s) ******************************************** Client config ******************************** C:\....w32tm /query /configuration [Configuration] Event Log Flags: 2 (Local) Announce Flags: 5 (Local) Time Jump Audit Offset: 28800 (Local) Min Poll Interval: 10 (Local) Max Poll Interval: 15 (Local) Max Neg Phase Correction: 4294967295 (Local) Max Pos Phase Correction: 4294967295 (Local) Max Allowed Phase Offset: 300 (Local) Frequency Correct Rate: 4 (Local) Poll Adjust Factor: 5 (Local) Large Phase Offset: 50000000 (Local) Spike Watch Period: 900 (Local) Local Clock Dispersion: 10 (Local) Hold Period: 5 (Local) Phase Correct Rate: 1 (Local) Update Interval: 30000 (Local) [Time Providers] Ntp Client (Local) Dll Name: C:\windows\system32\w32time.

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