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and i’ll of course be sharing some pictures along the way! My hubby Jake, is a “Pastor”, and I am the Momma to three precious gifts, Canaan, Bella, and Berkeley, lovingly referred to as “the Boy," “the Bug,” and "the Baby," (and collectively as “the Crazies.”) We are a family of beautiful and redeeemed messes, living in a broken world that makes us realize daily that we are in desperate need of a Big Time Rescuer.

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Susanah also suggested checking the free access sites: Freecen, Free BMD and Freereg and Family Search. Susanah has received photographs of her own family as a result of contacts through internet searches.so here’s our top 45: (if you need an elf, you can purchase one here: The Elf on the Shelf) you might be interested to read up on the story of our Elf’s first arrival here…and how our family uses Eli to lead us into a deeper understanding of God’s grace.the first year, Eli arrived in a box with a letter from Santa explaining who he was.Sometimes you have to make educated guesses and then confirm the guess.Another member of that family appeared to have the forename Gately but after lots of research he turned out to have been born John David Damms (why did he change his name? Susanah also referred to her search for a George Davies whom she knew to be an Artillery Pensioner – this took a great deal of investigating and Susanah suggested “parking” research until another piece of evidence comes to light.

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