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As his special field Mr Henshaw devoted attention to several of the Californian stocks, and to those of the North Pacific coast, north of Oregon, including the Eskimo.

To Mr Mooney were given the great and historically important Algonquian and Iroquoian families, and through his wide general knowledge of Indian history and customs he rendered aid in many other directions.

Meanwhile Mr James Mooney was engaged in compiling a similar list of tribes, with their synonymy, classified chiefly on a geographic basis and covering the entire Western Hemi- sphere — a work begun in 1873 and continued for twelve years before either he or the members of the Bureau of American Ethnology knew of the labors of each other in this field. Folsom of the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Hampton, Va.

Soon after the organization of the Bureau in 1879, the work of record- ing a tribal synonymy was formally assigned to Mr Henry W. Up to this time a complete linguistic classification of the tribes north of Mexico, particularly in the West and Northwest, was not possible, since sufficient data had not been gathered for determining their lin- guistic affinities.

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By 1885 the Bureau's researches in this direction had reached a stage that warranted the grouping of prac- tically all the known tribes by linguistic stocks. Gatschet, formerly of the Bureau of American Ethnology.

The need of a comprehensive work on the subject has been felt ever since scientific interest in the Indians was first aroused.

Many lists of tribes have been published, but the scientific student, as well as the general reader, until the present time has been practically without the means of knowing any more about a given confederacy, tribe, clan, or settlement of Indians than was to be gleaned from casual references to it.

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