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Enterprise J to be exact, a distant relative of your ship. (There's a battle going on outside in a murky purple haze.) ARCHER: I'm going to assume you brought me here for a good reason. It extends fifty thousand light years in all directions, and it is growing. DANIELS: He belongs to the same race that built the Spheres. DANIELS: It's getting harder and harder to surprise you, Captain. If the Federation had lost, the Sphere Builders would have spread throughout the galaxy. This species has technology which allows them to examine alternate timelines. You are the only one who can convince them of what I have told you.

ARCHER: You know about the alien we found, the test subject? Dozens of species, including humans, all unified in a powerful alliance. (The large ship is blown to smithereens.) DANIELS: The Federation wins the battle, they drive the enemy back into their trans-dimensional realm. DANIELS: If you destroy their weapon they will only build another.

(Archer leaves, goes down corridor, through into a turbolift and finds himself in... In fact, it's humanity that will protect them from the Sphere Builders when this battle is won. If that's a problem for history, then history will have to suffer.

REED: I'm not picking up any vessels in the vicinity.

The moon's rotation brought it into scanning range.

T'POL: Probably for the moon's rotation to bring them back into communication range.

(A single torpedo obliterates it.) TUCKER: I'm still getting trace kemocite readings, but not enough to indicate a large-scale weapon. TUCKER: And what land there is doesn't have any life on it.

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