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The sightings have prompted defence officials to check their logs and sent UFO fans into orbits of excitement.

Engineer Paul Slight, 54, took photos on his mobile phone of the strange objects hovering over Lincoln at 10.30pm while he was cycling home after a day out with friends.

Unexplained: An image manufactured by Auberon Hedgecoe of how the lights appeared over a half an hour period above Huntingdon The Hedgecoe family, from left Suzi, Barney, friend Zac and Auberon, saw 50 of the orange lights above Huntingdon and described them as being 'as big as a house'Each one was the size of a building.' Last night it emerged a woman has contacted her local newspaper to claim that the lights over Lincoln were Chinese lanterns – mini hot air balloons – set off at her wedding reception.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence is examining claims that the Merseyside lights were connected to an exercise involving HMS Daring, docked in Liverpool.

Military exercise: Experts are investigating whether these orange lights above Merseyside were 'counter measures' to test the defences of a Royal Navy ship HMS Daring, which is currently docked at Liverpool, uses radar-activated guns.

We have three settings - On, Light and Off so you can choose exactly what level of security you'd like. Black Berry Pay as you go users only All Orange Pay as you go Black Berry device users (with BB OS 7.1 and below) that need to add the Orange Safeguard service to their account will lose their free web browsing from their pre-paid Black Berry services as a result.It is believed the lights seen may have been 'counter-measures' to test its defences In Cambridgeshire, banker Scott Boswell, 37, said he saw more than 100 lights flying less than two miles above his home in Hinchingbrooke.The former soldier and experienced pilot said: 'I know they weren't aircraft – they were silent.Drinking this sugary monstrosity jacks your blood sugar up and results in strain on your liver and kidneys, the creation of new fat molecules and perhaps worst of all, the sugar lull after the initial hit makes you want to eat more!Clusters of more than 100 have been spotted across Britain and even Holland, leaving onlookers with an eerie sense that, for all the mystifying beauty of the strange objects, they may have just witnessed an armada of invading UFOs.

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