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(3) Wherefore Vespasian troublede the walle soore with gunnes and other engynes (MS. B (1) Josephus tamen ardenti oleo superjecto omnia machinamenta exussit (Higden).

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The confusion necessarily arising from the equivocal meaning of W during this indefinite period, is entirely due, of course, to neglect of Horace’s advice to coin new names for new things.16 Had a new name been given to N from the first, no difficulty could possibly have ensued, and our way would have been straight and clear.In consequence of the change of meaning which many military words have suffered, no translation of passages in foreign books containing ambiguous words should be relied upon, if access to the originals, or faithful copies of them, can be obtained.As an example of the necessity for this precaution, let us compare a few sentences relating to the siege of Jerusalem, 1432-50.These efflorescences consist of various salts,—sulphate and carbonate of soda, chloride of sodium, saltpetre, &c.—but they are so similar in appearance and taste, the only two criteria known in primitive times,19 that early observers succeeded in discriminating only one of them, common salt, from the rest.So close, in fact, is the resemblance between potash and soda, that their radical difference was only finally established by Du Hamel in 1736.

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