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Further, sexual orientation can be fluid: some people have difficulty fitting in any of the above categories.

They feel these labels have lead to people being stereotyped or identified solely by orientation.While many are forced to hide their sexual orientation, often because of religion or culture, "coming out" as homosexual, bisexual, or any other orientation does not indicate a "change" in the person, but rather a disclosure or discovery.Breaking down the terms: Heterosexuality is the sexual attraction towards the opposite sex.Transsexual, which describes people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned to, is not the same as homosexuality or bisexuality (although they can go together: i.e.a person born a man who becomes a woman who prefers women would be a gay transwoman.) Because all the different terms can be confusing or restrictive, some people prefer the term "queer" over all these labels as it denotes an atypical or creative approach to sexuality, and can refer to all the terms above, including transsexual.

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